Our Team

Nucleus’s Custom Services division is a diverse, somewhat nerdy, highly competent team of full-time medical writers, illustrators, and animators who have earned graduate degrees in their craft, from prestigious, CAAHEP-accredited U.S. universities. Specialists in account management, project management, and video post-production round out the team.

Kelly Tkac

Sales Director – Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Barbara Owens

Sales Director – Healthcare, Education and Medical Device

Ed Stewart

Director of Product Management

Mary Beth Clough

Senior Medical Writer

Mike Gleason

Senior Medical Writer

Elizabeth McDonald

Senior Medical Animator/Art Director

Nobles Green

Senior Medical Animator

Hoc Kho

Senior Medical Animator

Alex Frederking

Medical Animator

Doug Walp

Senior Medical Animator

Nic Joseph

Post-Production Specialist


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